One district. One place for all your content.

Thrivist is the only teaching and learning platform that brings all your district’s content and digital resources into one individualized learning experience for unlimited learning.

Trusted by School Districts and Publishers across the Southeast

How Thrivist Works
We bring all your district’s content together
Digital content + learning platform + educational resources
to one place, fully loaded and ready for class.

Content publication platform

Long-standing publisher partnerships that quickly load your adopted content, OER and all digital resources so that your students, teachers, and administrators have rapid access to all your digital content.

Learning management software

Easy to use dashboard with advanced LMS functionality for your teachers, students and administration to deliver instruction, create assignments, engage with students, and manage grades.

SIS integration

Integration with your Student Information System (SIS) and Publishers delivers the right content to the right person at the right time.

Tagged by standards

Automatically populated and tagged with your state adopted standards for easy to locate resources and curriculum for teachers. One keyword or standard search away from all needed content.

Learning analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your students. Thrivist collects learning data, stores it and provides the ability to retrieve it for analysis to improve your teaching strategies and enhance the learning.

Content usage reporting

Customized robust reporting on content usage tracks who is using what content, when and how often so that your district can keep records of its content’s ROI.

Content sharing capabilities

Sharing capabilities for both created and licensed content to expand your teaching and learning community state-wide.

Professional development

Online professional development for training, tracking, and certification so that teachers can gain the additional experience they need to continue growing.

Thrivist by INGRAM Content Group
Partners with

Your state.

Your state trusts us to facilitate the adoption process. We give you one place to access and organize adopted content.


Publishers rely on us to distribute all of your adopted print and digital resources. For over 75 years, districts have relied upon us to provide your print and digital content in a timely manner.

Textbook depositories.

Thrivist is part of your state’s adoption framework which allows us to centralize all your district’s adopted digital content.

Educational apps.

Thrivist integrates with popular educational apps, adding new software to the mix as it becomes available, so you can continue to grow your online resources without having to add new platforms.

How it works

Sign in

Instead of multiple user experiences across many platforms, students, teachers, and admins sign into a portal that opens up a learning experience unique to their needs. Thrivist knows how many credits you need to graduate or for professional development, what courses you need, and what content supports your learning experience.

Access your content

Whether it’s grade level content, assignments, grading or professional development tracking and course management, Thrivist gathers, tags, and distributes all the resources your district has approved, making digital content much easier to access.

Learn without limits

Excessive learning experiences, chaotic resource gathering, and unused valuable content make it difficult for districts to roll out their digital programs. Thrivist simplifies the digital learning experience for administrators, teachers, and students through a single portal platform that allows for unlimited learning.
Why Thrivist?
Districts struggle to roll out their digital learning programs.
Empty learning management systems force administrators to contact publishers individually, gather their resources by hand, and load content in a timely manner, which makes the job of providing access to great digital content tedious, frantic and frustrating.


For students and teachers, multiple learning experiences lead to:
  • Forgotten passwords
  • Misplaced content
  • Unsupported standards
  • Licensing confusion
  • Complex publishing issues
  • Technical difficulties
  • Inaccessible resources

With Thrivist its easy to access your district’s digital content!

  • All your content ready for class
  • Individualized learning experience
  • Tech simplified
  • Robust reporting
  • Professional development
  • Credit tracking
  • Easy to use portal
  • Access to all apps through one login
  • Keyword or standard search
  • One learning experience for all
What Districts Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it, see what other school districts
have to say about their experience with Thrivist.

Tipton county Schools

As we begin to blend learning and introduce technology into our classrooms, Thrivist has been at the epicenter of all of our plans. Thrivist’s implementation and support team has been a key resource as we navigated this transition to digital over the past year.

– Dr. Rebekah Byrd

Director of Instruction

Wilson County Schools

Wilson County Schools has utilized Thrivist for professional development management for staff, learning management system for our students, and digital content repository for our educators with great success.

– Kim Clemmons

Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Barlett City Schools

“I consider Thrivist a close partner and I am certainly glad we choose Thrivist to be our primary teaching and learning tool in our district.

– Joseph T. Mitchell

Technology Supervisor

Learning Unlimited
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experiences for three users: student, teacher, and administrator.