Making Teaching & Learning Simpler, More Enjoyble, and Frictionless.

At Thrivist, we’re building a platform that connects K12 teachers and students with content. We believe that content drives the learning experience, which is why we’re squarely focused on helping teachers and students easily access their digital resources. Launched in 2015 and acquired by Ingram Content Group in 2017, Thrivist’s products are focused on improving and simplifying the learning experience. We love beautiful software that takes the friction out of teaching and learning, and we think you will too! Let Thrivist be the foundation on which your digital initiative is built.

Our Team

Meet our talented team of creatives and awesome makers

Todd Svec

VP of K12 Solutions

Andrew McGarrity

Director of Digital Solutions

Mandy Bolin

Director of Finance

Kellie Dumas

Customer Relations Manager

Billy White

Application Manager

Tim Moses

System Manager